Frequently Asked

At topstage we are all about choice. Our standard off-the-shelf staging decks are 2m x 1m and 1m x 1m. Custom-made decks are available with fast delivery times.
All of our staging decks come with an anti-slip rugged finish. We offer carpet finishes as well. Contact us for a sample of available colours.
Topstage is available with a storage system and never takes up a larger footprint than a single stage deck.
Topstage decks can hold up to 1000kg each.
We recommend that you set up on a flat surface, but we do offer and stock adjustable risers that can be used on uneven surfaces.
Topstage system is very simple to use and set up. With all of our staging, we supply connectors which secure each deck to another, making topstage the easiest system on the market.
We deliver all over the UK, as well as many countries in Europe. Please contact us for a detailed quotation.
Although we assemble our own products, most of our products are available for immediate dispatch. If you have an urgent need, contact us and we will endeavour to deliver as requested.
We accept payments via credit card, bank transfer and account. If you would like to set up a credit account, please get in touch so we can arrange this.