We stock all the

accessories you need

At topstage we provide complete staging solutions, including an extensive range of accessories.

We are constantly adjusting and improving our product offering. If an item you require is not listed below, get in touch. We may well be able to custom-make it to suit your requirements.

fixed risers

We stock a selection of standard size risers. Custom heights are also available for immediate dispatch.

adjustable risers

Adjustable height risers are ideal for uneven surfaces. They are available in several adjustable sizes.

stage steps

1ft, 2ft and 3ft steps are available off the shelf.

stage ramp

Stage ramps with and without guard rails.

1m guard rail

Black 1m aluminium guard rail.

2m guard rail

Black 2m aluminium guard rail.

step guard rail

We keep guard rails for all the steps that we supply.

stage connector

Stage connector

2 leg clamp

2 leg clamp

single deck trolley

Single deck trolley

stage trolley

Stage trolley for storage. On castors enabling up to 10 decks to be safely transported and stored.


Stage skirting. Choice of colour and size.

Email us support@topstage.co.uk  or call us on 0207 820 3444 for a detailed and competitive quotation.